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Certified Information Systems Security Professional




CEO/President, DOESConsulting - Data Online Enterprise Solutions Consulting

Pocatello/Twin Falls/Boise, Idaho (August 1994 - Present)

  • Assisted many clients nation-wide with implementation and acquisition of high-availability / load-balancing solutions.
  • Client-base includes fortune 500 companies.
  • Assisting client's nation-wide in application development and networking hardware needs.
  • Developed and designed applicable networks, and validation of compatibility with existing software and hardware. Network types include but are not limited to: Highly Available server clusters, Co-location facility planning and implementation, Unix (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Linux), Novell, Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Provided planning, implementation and support of heterogeneous networks.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting existing hardware and software applications and issues.
  • Wrote training literature and developed training course work specific to clients needs.


Senior Consultant

Venturi Technology Partners, Boise, Idaho (February 2002-April 2003)

  • Spearheaded security project to implement TrendMicro's VirusWall to provide mail filtering of virus content.
  • Implementation of AppShield security product to increase security of web based applications.
  • Evaluated and made security related recommendations for various applications.
  • Spearheaded project to bring together all the Metrics and Monitoring of servers and URLs into one central data warehouse. Monitoring data for URLs like support.hp.com is now centralized and reported on with a drop-in reporting tool: Business Objects. Additionally, automated loading of Metrics and Monitoring data with programs developed in Java and Perl.
  • Overhauled/Rewrote Boise Release Manager Software. Software picks up delivery packages of web content and binary software files and delivers the content to the Corporate Support Web Site. Developed in Perl with Oracle DB backend. Provided adminweb interface and web reporting of delivery status.
  • DB Schema design for the new Boise Release Manager. Implemented schema and operated as DBA for the BRM DB.
  • Recommended several 3rd party drop-in solutions like F5.s Global-site to replace product in future.
  • Enhanced Publishing Build Manager. Utilized ATG Dynamo.s Application Server in combination with Iplanet web server running on HP-UX. Application developed in Java using java beans and jhtml templates.
  • Worked with Web Desk Operations team to assist in ongoing maintenance and enhancements of the .BORG. Project. Worked and assisted in troubleshooting of the Java application Alerts Notifications system and provisioning/Publishing build Loaders. These Java based loaders, pick up content for the Corporate HP website, loads data into an Oracle DB and then switches the live data source from one DB to the other to facilitate easier staging and switching of the live web site. Also assisted with the Perl application - Content Staging Manger. Entire project is known as .BORG.


Project Manager / System Administrator / Programmer-Analyst / Database Administrator

Sterling Investments, Boise, Idaho (April 2000-February 2002)

  • System Design and layout for version 2.5 and 3.0 releases
  • Project layout for version 2.5 and 3.0 releases
  • Maintenance of over 30 Unix and windows servers.
  • Directed a team of 8 programmers
  • Acted as technical lead in Venture Capital presentations and sales meetings.
  • Design, planning and implementation of clustering solution utilizing Network Foundry’s ServerIron and F5 Network BIGIPs.
  • Training for new System Administrators with systems, network layout, firewall, co-location facilities.
  • Trouble-shot and resolved difficult programming hurtles for the programming staff.  Some of these issues included run-away threads, forking issues and memory utilization optimization.
  • Redeveloped unix command “agrep” to use in proprietary search solution.
  • Spearheaded team to redesign database multi-treaded communications application in C/C++ from Perl.
  • DBA for Sybase and SQL Server Environments. Optimized DB performance for database/warehouse of over 0.5 Terabytes.
  • Modeled / DB Design for MarkMonitor.com with over 200 tables and hundreds of stored procedures and triggers.
  • Designed database system encompassing over 200 tables and coded multiple SQL stored procedures in Sybase and TransactSQL.


System Administrator/System Programmer-Analyst, BEST Consulting,

Sterling Investments, Boise, Idaho (September 1999 - April 2000)

  • Senior Unix System Administrator consultant for Best Consulting.
  • Designed and implemented several web sites, including a Search Engine site (www.muckymuck.com) and a law related site (www.markmonitor.com).
  • Wrote CGI scripts and ASP pages in C/C++, Perl, SybPerl, VBScript, and JAVAScript. 
  • Setup Sybase 11.9.2 server on Linux.  Designed and created database to maintain data from a WWW crawling script.
  • Setup and maintained 4 Linux, 4 NT 4.0, and MS 2000 Servers.  Setup and configured Sendmail, DNS, Apache Web Server, IIS Web Server.
  • Setup RAID on Linux with LVD Ultra Wide SCSI II.
  • Assisted in the evaluation and setup of Co-Location Facilities at Above.net for higher-performance on web site and C/C++ and Perl CGI Scripts.


System Administrator/System Programmer-Analyst, BEST Consulting,

Blue Cross of Idaho, Boise, Idaho (April 1999-September 1999)

  • Wrote SQL stored procedures, Perl scripts, and Korn shell scripts to automate transfer of information between IBM Mainframe and Sybase Database system running on AIX 4.2.  Involved EDI claims, SQL, C/C++, Perl, Korn Scripts, COBOL knowledge.
  • Wrote C/C++ applications to speed the processing of data relayed from the IBM Mainframe on the AIX server as Perl was not able to process the data in the timely manner.
  • Designed and implemented VB database to track Group definitions based on Sybase server
  • Designed package management software in Perl for Korn and Perl Scripts
  • Performed staff training in AIX Unix and Sybase SQL
  • Worked with team to develop a complete automated runbook system



System Administrator/System Programmer-Analyst, Medical Technologies,

Twin Falls, Idaho (September 1998 – April 1999)

  • Wrote procedures and documented technical support documents to increase Help Desk and Network Technician's efficiency.
  • Migrated DOS Pascal stand-alone database product to network environment.
  • Designed plan to migrate to Unix based servers as alternative to windows-only networks.
  • Designed plan to implement SQL services on HP-UX and Linux.
  • Implemented Alphanumeric paging through E-mail for on-call notification paging system on Linux server.
  • Maintained EDI-electronic claims.
  • Programmed in Pascal and Visual Basic to aid in electronic claims transmissions.


System Administrator/Network Engineer U.S. Logistics,

Twin Falls, Idaho (March 1997 - September 1998)

  • Installed and managed fourteen Linux servers, three Windows NT servers, and multiple Ethernet networks.
  • Performing remote system administration of over 38 networks including but not limited to: Novell, Windows Peer to peer, Windows NT 4.0, and Unix.
  • Configured and maintained WWW, FTP, Telnet, SMB, PPP, and POP3 servers for the company and several clients.
  • Utilized PERL to Script complete menu system to ease system use.
  • Implemented a database service over the Internet with an encrypted telnet session.
  • Spearheaded project to migrate database from Advanced Pick Pro Native OS to Unix and Windows NT platforms.
  • Improved and modified Pick/D3 database.
  • Assisted in GUI implementation of database.
  • Produced many procedure manuals to ease use of servers.
  •  Assisted in technical support of database product, Unix, and Windows 95 / NT 4.0. Installed and maintained frame relay to Internet.
  • Utilized IP Masquerading and Proxy Server setup at client sites.
  • Planned and implemented firewall. Install and maintained AOC and Cisco routers.


System Manager, Idaho Central Credit Union,

Pocatello, Idaho. (August 1996 - March 1997)

  • Maintained Pathworks DEC Alpha Server running OpenVMS 5.1.
  • Serviced and improved VAX mainframe, HP-UX server, DEC Alpha Server.
  • | Implemented new PC network.
  • Utilized: CUStar, Pathworks, Windows95, Windows NT, MSOffice, HP-UX 10.10, Linux, and Novell NetWare Server 4.1.
  • Spearheaded several major projects, including but not limited to: setup of local Internet Web Server, installation of network at new branches, installation of ATMs, analysis and implementation of On-line personal banking product.


Network Manager / Technical Instructor, ISU, Technical Safety Office,

Pocatello, Idaho (May 1994 - August 1996)

  • Created and maintained the Technical Safety Office's network.
  • Acted as Office Supervisor and performed annual training seminars for all of ISU's campus. Training consisted of, but was not limited to, Radiation Safety, Laboratory Safety, and Hazardous Material Safety.
  • Developed several spreadsheets, programmed office database, and wrote several programs to increase the office efficiency.  Programming languages included: Visual Basic, Fortran, and Pascal.
  • Consulted with Physics Department personnel to resolve many computer and network related problems involving PC's.
  • Additionally, performed electronic calibration approximately 100 radiation instruments at ISU semi-annually.


Researcher, ISU,

Pocatello, Idaho. (June - August 1994)

  • Worked with Dr. Richard Brey calculating worker exposure from recycled radiological contaminated piping from ICPP to make high-level waste containers.
  •  Utilized Microsoft Excel, MicroShield 4.0, C/C++, and various other software packages to produce and analyze data. Results have been published in the September/October 1995 edition of Radiation Protection Management.


Technical Writer, Institute of Environment, Health, and Safety,

Pocatello, Idaho (December 1992 - May 1994)

  • Wrote and maintained several technical documents and procedures, including but not limited to Idaho Chemical Processing Plant's Radiation Safety Manual, Anti-Contamination Clothing Donning and Doffing.


Computer Specialist, Tripler Army Medical Center, Safety Office,

Honolulu, Hawaii (July 1990 - January 1991)

  • Developed several databases and spreadsheets to increase office efficiency.
  • Troubleshot and repaired computers and electronic hardware.
  • Provided training to staff on computer-related issues such as Windows 3.1, Multi-channel analyzer, Liquid scintillation Detector, and a variety of other software programs.




System/Networking Experience:

UNIX: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux

Windows NT


Windows (3.1, 95, 98), Dos


Programming Experience:


Visual Basic

Visual Interdev


C / C++






Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, June 2002 - 2004.
Graduated 2004 with Masters of Business Administration (MBA).


New Horizons, Boise, Idaho, March 2000.  Completed Mastering Visual

Basic Programming course.  Microsoft certified course that covers COM object



Best Training, Boise, Idaho, December 1999.  Completed Intermediate Visual

Basic Programming.  Microsoft certified course that covers DB implementation.


JES, Newsport, California. July 1997. Received Unix System Administration

Certification and D3 Database Management Certification.


Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, January 1991 - June 1996.
Completed coursework/study for MS in Physics under a

Panasonic Fellowship with a 3.9 GPA. Graduated December

1994, with a B.S. in Physics with a minor in English.

Maintained a 3.7 GPA with a 3.9 GPA in my major.


Nuclear Power Training Unit Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho, April - December

1989. Trained for Chemistry and Radiological Controls. Graduated with a 3.6



Naval Nuclear Power School, Orlando, Florida, September 1988 - February

1989. Graduated with a 3.45 GPA. Received a 3.88 GPA in Chemistry and

Radiological Controls.

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