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We Sell Used BIGIP ® Server Load Balancers, 3DNS® Global Load Balancers, and GLOBALSITE® units.

Other Major brands of Server Load Balancers are also available such as Radware's WSD Pro and Network Foundry's Serveriron. Prices start at only $1995!

Note: BIG-IP®, 3DNS®, GLOBALSITE® and F5 Networks® are registered trademarks of F5 Networks, Inc.

DOESConsulting's BIG-IP®/3DNS® Consulting Services:


About DOESConsulting's BIG-IP®, 3DNS®, and GLOBALSITE® Consulting Service:

DOESConsulting can help you get quickly started with your BIG/IP® set-up. We assist with configuration, administration, and maintenance. DOESConsulting has years of experience quickly implementing BIG/IP® solutions. In fact, we include free consulting services with every sale of Used BIGIPs® to help you get up and running quickly!

At DOESConsulting, we can help you optimize the performance of your load balacers. DOESConsulting works with both small companies and large to help your I.T. Department and staff quickly clean, optimize and implement. If your company lacks the skills to configure and implement BIG/IP®, DOESConsulting can help.

Common BIG/IP® Tasks we perform:

  • Hardware selection assistance

  • System clean-up and configuration of used systems

  • Initial system configuration of used systems

  • Dual redundant system set-up and configuration

  • Dual redundant system Additions

  • Network planning or Integration with existing networks

  • Rules/filters Configuration

  • Extended Content Verification (EVC) setup

  • Extended Application Verification(EAV)

  • Custom Scripting - perform decisions based on URL content

  • Training

Begin today! We would be happy to provide a free initial email consultation.

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F5 Networks® is the maker of the widely used BIG-IP® load balancer, and has one of the most complete implementations of load balancing metrics via SNMP. These MIBs that allow you to check the following:

  • Bandwidth, in bits per second, out of every interface

  • Connections per second

  • Total Concurrent sessions

  • Bandwidth in and out of each virtual server (VIP)

  • Bandwidth in and out of each virtual server (VIP), separated by TCP port

  • Many, many other metrics


About BIG-IP® Load-Balancing

About Load-Balancing Metrics



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BIG-IP®, 3DNS®, GLOBALSITE® and F5 Networks® are registered trademarks of F5 Networks, Inc.

(DOESConsulting is not affiliated with F5 Networks, nor has F5 Networks endorsed DOESConsulting as a qualified consulting company.)

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