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BIG-IP® 3.x and earlier

The following OIDs and configs are for BIG-IP® 3.x and prior, although with the latest version of 4.x I've tested (4.2 PTF-04), they still work. F5 does have them listed in the new MIB as being depreciated, however, so they could drop support at any 4.x revision or patch.


Bandwidth out of Each Interface

The default MRTG configuration generated by the cfgmaker utility will provide the graphs for bandwidth in and out of each interface (usually the External and Internal interfaces).

Total Available Memory

A good metric to monitor on a BIG-IP® is available memory. This is important because of the way BIG-IP® manages it's resources. The more utilization a BIG-IP® is experiencing, the less memory becomes available. If you run out of memory, then you are in trouble as the BIG-IP® will become unresponsive. Also, there were some versions of BIG-IP's® code that experience memory leaks. While patched in current versions, this may help identify any potential memory leaks with the version you are running.


MaxBytes[bigip1.memAvail]: 10000
AbsMax[bigip1.memAvail]: 1000000
Title[bigip1.memAvail]: Total Available Memory
PageTop[bigip1.memAvail]: <H1>Total Available Memory</H1> This server is
Options[bigip1.memAvail]: gauge,growright
YLegend[bigip1.memAvail]: Available Memory
ShortLegend[bigip1.memAvail]: Available Memory
Legend1[bigip1.memAvail]: Available Memory
Legend2[bigip1.memAvail]: Available Memory
LegendI[bigip1.memAvail]:  kb:
LegendO[bigip1.memAvail]:  kb:


Connections Per Second

Connections per second is especially important in a server based load balancers, as chances are this is where you'll hit the wall with this metric as a performance limit than any other performance metric.


MaxBytes[bigip1.contot]: 2000
AbsMax[bigip1.contot]: 5000
Title[bigip1.contot]: Connections per Second
PageTop[bigip1.contot]: <H1>Connections Per Second</H1> This server is a
Options[bigip1.contot]: growright
YLegend[bigip1.contot]: connections/s
ShortLegend[bigip1.contot]: connections/s
Legend1[bigip1.contot]: connections/s
LegendI[bigip1.contot]: &nbsp;con/s:


Total Open Connections

Total open connections monitors how many TCP sessions are active at any given moment. Generally, the more connections that are open, the more BIG-IP system resources (especially memory) are being used.


MaxBytes[bigip1.concur]: 100000
AbsMax[bigip1.concur]: 100000
Title[bigip1.concur]: Total Connections
PageTop[bigip1.concur]: <H1>Total Connections</H1> This server is a
Options[bigip1.concur]: gauge,growright
YLegend[bigip1.concur]: total cons
ShortLegend[bigip1.concur]: &nbsp;
Legend1[bigip1.concur]: total cons
LegendI[bigip1.concur]: total cons



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